The Ministry of Labor reported that it received, within the framework of the pension reform subcommittee made up of production unions, trade union centrals, the National Government and experts; the proposals of the unions and also of entities such as Asofondos and Fasecolda.

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The Minister of Labor, Gloria Inés Ramírez, recalled that the initial proposal of the National Government is based on a system of pillars. A first pillar, with which a beneficiary is sought for nearly 4 million older adults who do not have the possibility of receiving a pension, who would be covered with a subsidy of half a minimum wage, also a contributory pillar, and another of voluntary savings.

The portfolio holder highlighted that Fasecolda and Asofondos propose guidelines such as «that the reform respond to the advance of the aging of the population, not only of the present generation, but of the next generations, as well as that it be sustainable over time and include components of solidarity and savings”.

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On the other hand, heThe unions proposed the elimination of private funds, an old-age income for people over 65 without the possibility of retiringe, that it be of a minimum wage in charge of the public administrator and the increase in pensions equal to the increase in the minimum wage.

We present the CUT, the CTC and the CTG, our pension reform proposal, 30 articles, among the most outstanding that we believe that there should be a single public fund that administers pensions in Colombia, since the private sector has been inefficient in this matter. In 30 years they have only pensioned close to 250,000 people, and they have returned the contributions to 170,000 people who cannot retire. That’s why they must disappear”, said Francisco Maltés, president of the CUT.

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