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2023 is two weeks away. Netflix has already released a Netflix Original Movie directed by Christian Bale, trailers for upcoming projects from Eddie Murphy, Jonah Hill, Ashton Kutcher and Reese Witherspoon, plus a date for the highly anticipated sequel to Adam Sandler Murder. Mystery 2 .

I think it’s safe to say that the streaming giant isn’t slowing down this year.

However, there are few guarantees of what will come of it. Last year around this time, Netflix released a sizzling reel featuring at least 5 movies with big stars that never made it to the platform in 2022.

So, with all fingers and toes crossed, let’s take a look at my top 5 most anticipated Netflix original movies to look forward to in 2023.

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5. Astronaut

director: Johan Renck

astronaut adam sandler bohemia netflix movie

Image: NYTimes/Getty Images

Didn’t I already mention an upcoming Adam Sandler Netflix movie in the form of murder mystery 2?! Well, here’s another one, but this time The Sandman gets a little more serious after his latest Netflix drama Hustle, which recently earned him a Screen Actors Guild nomination for Lead Actor.

Based on the novel “Spaceman of Bohemia” by Jaroslav Kalfar, this sci-fi adventure sees Sandler as a small-time Czech scientist named Jakub Prochazka who becomes the country’s first astronaut.

When a dangerous solo mission to Venus offers him the chance for the heroism he’s dreamed of and a way to atone for his father’s sins as a communist informant, he ventures boldly into the vast unknown. But in doing so, he leaves behind his devoted wife, Lenka, whose love, he realizes too late, has sacrificed him on the altar of his ambitions. Alone in deep space, Jakub discovers a possibly imaginary giant alien spider, which becomes his unlikely companion. Through philosophical conversations about the nature of love, life and death, and the deliciousness of bacon, the pair form an intense and emotional bond.

As if a Czech-accented Sandler and an imaginary alien spider weren’t enough, the film’s cast also includes current awards season contenders Carey Mulligan (She said, promising young woman) and Pablo Dano (The Fabelmans, the batman), as well as Italian royalty Isabella Rossellini.

Sandler has repeatedly shown me that he can act in high-powered dramas (uncut gems, The Meyerowitz Stories, Hustle), so I have high hopes that it will pull through again.

Four. Havoc

Director: gareth evans

chaos netflix movie 2023

Image: Getty Images

Very few directors can say that they changed the way a certain genre of film can be made. I think writer/director Gareth Evans can reclaim that statement after his 2011 action masterpiece. The Raid: Redemption brought a brutal, locked-in, precisely choreographed style that has been imitated by many in the decade since its release. from netflix Reckless series and success directed by Chris Hemsworth Extraction are just a couple of examples of productions in the genre applying the techniques of Evans’ astonishingly vicious style.

It’s been 5 years since Evans made a feature film and now he’s back with an action thriller with all the makings of being exactly what we want from him.

The story is set after a drug deal gone bad when a bruised detective must battle through a criminal underworld to rescue the estranged son of a politician while unraveling a deep web of corruption and conspiracy that engulfs his entire city.

In an elite-level casting choice, Evans has cast tough-action star Tom Hardy. (Beginning, The rise of the Dark Knight, Poison) to take on the title role alongside welcome veterans Timothy Olyphant (Justified), Forest Whitaker (rogue one) & Luis Guzman (Wednesday).

After 2 Raid movies and a solid Netflix Original in 2018’s Apostle, the bar is set very high for this one. Don’t disappoint me, Mr. Evans.

3. The wonderful story of Henry Sugar

Director: wes anderson

The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar Wes Anderson Netflix

In one of the two Wes Anderson films to be released in 2023 (the other asteroid city), The wonderful story of Henry Sugar brings Anderson back to the world of Roald Dahl as he adapts his work once again following the success of the 2009 Oscar-nominated animated film Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Based on a book containing several stories, the film will follow only one story that will focus on Henry Sugar, a rich and independent man who enjoys gambling, who can see through objects and predict the future with the help of from a book he stole.

Known for his impressively deep casts, Anderson has enlisted strange doctor himself, Benedict Cumberbatch, to play the title role opposite Dev Patel (the green knight), Ralph Fiennes (The menu), Ben Kingsley (Iron Man 3)Rupert Friend (Obi Wan Kenobi) and Richard Ayoade (The IT Crowd).

Unlike Netflix’s previous Roald Dahl adaptation, the 2022 matilda the musical, henry sugar he is best known for being on the happier side of the Dahl ledger compared to his reputation from critics as the «master of evil».

Known for drowning his movies in minutiae (in the best of ways), Anderson is one of the best at character design and world building. I look forward to what he can do with this mystical yet ethical and philosophical story.

2. Teacher

Director: Bradley Cooper

teacher netflix movie

Becoming a director is a rare feat after starting your acting career. It is even more remarkable to have talent and achievements in both fields.

Undoubtedly, inspired by its director in the 2014 Clint Eastwood film. american sniperBradley Cooper joined the elite company in his directorial debut in 2018. A star has been born was nominated for 8 Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Actor for his own performance in the film.

Determined to prove he can do it again, Cooper decided his next directorial venture would set his sights on one of America’s greatest and most prolific directors, West Side Story composer Leonard Bernstein.

Co-written by Cooper and Oscar-winning screenwriter Josh Singer (Stand out), the story focuses on the complex love between Bernstein and Felicia Montealegre, from when they met in 1946 at a party to two courtships, a marriage of 25 years and three children.

In addition to writing, directing and producing, Cooper will take on the role of Bernstein himself. With him will be an all-star ensemble of Maya Hawke, Sarah Silverman, Matt Bomer and Carey Mulligan as Bernstein’s partner Felicia.
Considering the featured subject matter and the immense talent behind and in front of the camera, this will probably be Netflix’s best chance to win Oscar glory in 2024.

one. The murderer

Director: david fincher

netflix killer movie

Image: Getty Images

David Fincher is back making gritty crime dramas, and the movie world rejoiced.

Re-teaming with his se7en screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker (8mm, Windfall), the master of mood and mania turns his gaze to the world of a professional assassin.

Based on the French graphic novel of the same name, The murderer is a case study of a lone man, armed to the teeth and slowly losing his mind. It’s a brutal, bloody, elegant noir story that centers on a trained assassin who begins to break down psychologically as he develops a conscience, even as his clients continue to demand his skills.

An inspired and spiritual continuation of his work on mind hunterFincher has been rumored to have wanted this adaptation for almost 20 years. This is the second of an exclusive four-film deal that Fincher closed with Netflix before making Man back in 2020.

Michael Fassbender (Steve Jobs, Inglourious Basterds) stars in his first movie in 4 years as The Killer. The cast includes Tilda Swinton (Michael Clayton, strange doctor) and Charles Parnell (Top Gun: Maverick).
While the movie may not chase awards season honors like Mank, we can only hope Fincher adds another dark and twisted tale to his mantle of masterpieces with this one.


  • rustin (Dir. George C. Wolfe)
  • shirley (Dir. John Ridley)
  • Extraction 2 (Dir. Sam Hargrave)
  • Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget (Dir. Sam Fell)