Multiple people were reportedly injured at Michigan State University after shootings were reported at two locations on the East Lansing campus Monday night, university police said.

Students were urged to «lock in place» while officials searched for a suspect.

«Run, hide, fight,» read an alert sent to students around 8:30 p.m. «Running means running away from danger if you can do it safely, Hide means staying safe in place, and Fighting means protecting yourself if there is no other way.» option».

University police tweeted that shots had been fired near Berkey Hall and anyone in the area should shelter in place.

About 45 minutes later, authorities said they were searching for a suspect who they believed was on foot.

Berkey Hall at Michigan State University in East maps

«Community members on and off campus should continue to shelter in place,» university officials tweeted around 9:25 p.m.

Not long after, police said there were reports of a second shooting at IM East and that several people had been injured.

IM East is an on-campus gym and sports complex, according to the MSU website. It is about 1 mile southeast of Berkey Hall.

Students on campus reported on social media that they were hiding or barricaded as officers dispersed.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said she was being updated on the situation.

«I was briefed on the shooting at Michigan State University,» he said. tweeted. «Michigan State Police along with @msupolice, local law enforcement and first responders are on the ground. Let’s embrace the Spartan community tonight.»

This is a developing story. Please check for updates.

Gemma Di Casimirro and Suzanne Ciechalski contributed.