Maya Rudolph made her debut as the new M&M’s spokeswoman during a Super Bowl ad for «Ma&Ya’s Candy Coated Clam Bites», but was quickly replaced by the original candy mascots at a post-game «press conference».

Rudolph referred to «Candy Coated Clam Bites» in the first ad, along with human actors dressed in the original colors of the candy spokesmen. The red M&M briefly appeared behind Rudolph, holding a «HELP» sign.

But his stint as the face of the brand was short-lived. In a follow-up announcement, the original spokespersons hosted a press conference to announce his return.

«This is what I was made for,» said the purple M&M during the spot. «I mean, as a walking, talking candy, my options are pretty limited.»

The orange M&M, which was rebranded as a mental health advocate last year, brought up her anxiety.

The «spokescandies» that had long represented the brand were embroiled in controversy after M&Ms revamped the characters’ appearance to be more «inclusive» last year.

The two female M&Ms became a flash point in the culture war as their outfits were swapped out for less traditionally feminine outfits. Brown M&M stilettos were reduced to sensible pumps, and M&M’s iconic green heeled go-go boots were replaced with white pumps. However, many social media users jokingly demanded the return of «sexy M&M’s.»

Pets received backlash again this year after the brand “Flip the status quo”, which supported women in the creative industries with limited-edition bags featuring female “spokescandies”. Fox News Anchor Tucker Carlson denounced the «woke up M&M’s» on a recent broadcast.

Rudolph replaced the original mascots last month when M&M’s announced it was taking an «indefinite hiatus» from the use of its «polarizing» anthropomorphized candy mascots in favor of a «spokesperson the United States can agree with.» Many online immediately speculated that the ad was a bit for a Super Bowl ad.

Spokesmen said Sunday they were back for good. «I can’t believe they put us on hiatus,» said the red M&M.

Daysia Tolentino contributed.