Marlon Wayans / Luck-Key (2016) – Image: Getty Images

Netflix will become the streaming home for the already announced action comedy. lucky keyan American remake of the 2016 Korean film of the same name likely to star Marlon Wayans.

The Netflix Script lucky key was being written by brothers Jim and Brian Kehoe, whose credits include Blockers and some upcoming projects, including released for Netflix starring Dave Bautista. No director is linked to lucky key still.

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The first reference to the film’s development came in August 2022, when reported deadline which Dave Bautista and Jeff Tomsic were working on released for netflix.

Halfway through the report, they mentioned lucky keysaying:

«They [Jim & Brian Kehoe] he also wrote Luck Key, a remake of the Korean film of the same title, which will star Marlon Wayans. AGC’s Stuart Ford is producing along with Wayans and producing partner Rick Alvarez. It’s about a killer and an actor changing their lives and discovering what’s really important to them.»

Now, a year later, a record has been filed on Netflix for lucky key and furthermore, we have two additional sources that attached the film for a Netflix streaming release in the future.

Who’s behind lucky key remake on netflix?

AGC Studios has grown to become a key provider for various streaming services, including Netflix. Some of his Netflix projects include the recent release the perfect find starring Gabrielle Union and the hit documentary The Tinder Scammer (which is also getting a scripted movie).

What is the plot of lucky key?

from netflix lucky key is a remake of the 2016 Korean film of the same name, which is itself a remake of a 2012 Japanese comedy called Key of Life.

Here is the logline for Luck Key 2016:

A reverse comedy that tells the story of a murderous perfectionist who falls and hits his head in a sauna, giving him amnesia. When a depressed actor trades his locker keys with him, they switch lives until the hit man, who soon becomes a TV action hero, begins to remember things.

who is cast in lucky key?

marlon wayans netflix premiere

Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/FilmMagic

marlon wayans is attached to Netflix lucky key to play the leading role.

This will mark Wayans’ fourth major Netflix Original for Netflix since he began working with the streamer in 2017. Those previous Netflix Original titles include Nudes, Sextuplets, and The Curse of Bridge Hollow. Wayans also has a Netflix Original stand-up special called Woke-ish. Internationally, Netflix remains the home for seasons 1 and 2 of the NBC sitcom. Marlon (left Netflix US in early 2023).

No other cast members are known at this stage.

What is the production status of lucky key?

Development at Netflix lucky key it is currently very likely to be halted due to the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. Before the strikes, the project appeared to still be in the early stages of development.

What is the Netflix release date? lucky key?

As the movie is still in the early stages of development, it’s too early to talk about release dates, but we could estimate sometime in late 2024 if filming starts in 2023. However, due to the many ongoing strikes, it could be much later when we see the movie finally released.