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Lindsay Lohan returns to Netflix for her second feature with irish wish. Originally expected to be released in 2023, the film is now believed to not be released until 2024 with a St. Patrick’s Day release date currently in the offing. Here’s our updated preview of everything we know about the Netflix rom-com. irish wish.

irish wish has been rumored for quite some time, with reports of production ramping up throughout August 2022. What’s on Netflix was one of the first outlets to hear about the upcoming project in August 2022. Netflix themselves officially announced the news on September 1, 2022.

This is the second Lindsay Lohan landmark film to come exclusively to Netflix. The first is Falling in love with Christmas, which arrived on Netflix in November 2022. It comes as a two-film deal that was announced in March 2022, but isn’t expected to be the last entry (more on that in a second).

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lindsay lohan christmas in wonderland netflix

Falling for Christmas – Picture: Netflix

janeen damien he is the director behind the project and worked on the upcoming Falling for Christmas coming to Netflix. Beyond that, Damián directed high voltage free dance.

The movie is written by kirsten hansen, best known for working on titles like Chesapeake Shores, cross country christmas, and christmas on my mind.

Motion Picture Corporation of America, Wild Atlantic Pictures and Riviera Films are producing irish wish for netflix. Galen Fletcher serves as producer.

What is the plot of irish wish?

irish wish Follow Maddie. When her love gets engaged to her best friend, she puts her feelings aside to be a bridesmaid at her wedding in Ireland. Days before the couple is to marry, Maddie makes a spontaneous wish for true love, only to wake up as her bride-to-be. With her dream seemingly coming true for her, Maddie soon realizes that her true soul mate is someone else entirely.

who is cast in irish wish?

irish wish netflix cast grid

Cast of the Netflix romantic comedy Irish Wish

Lindsay Lohan he is the main cast member of the film, and as mentioned above, it is one of two films the actress is making for Netflix. Lohan plays Maddie in the movie.

On September 14, Netflix announced the rest of the main cast, including:

  • Ed Speleers (Stranger, downton abbey) as James Thomas
  • Alexander Vlahos (Outlander, Sanditon, Versailles) as Paul Kennedy
  • Ayesha Curry (about last night, A Black Lady Sketch Show) as heather
  • elizabeth tan (Emily in Paris, The Singapore grip) as Emma Taylor
  • jane seymour (The Kominsky method, Wedding Crashers) as Rosemary Kelly

Completing the cast of the film are:

  • Rachel Benaissa as Allegra
  • steve hartlands like liam

Character names were not announced but are expected at a later date.

Rodrigo Ternevoy is also on the list to participate in the Netflix movie.

Where is irish wish for Netflix in production?

It was first announced that the movie was slated to begin filming in September 2022, with the new rom-com set in «modern Ireland.»

Filming locations for the second Netflix film in Ireland, according to mayonews.esincludes Westport, Knock Airport, Lough Tay in the Wicklow Mountains, Killruddery House and Gardens, Bray Head and the Cliffs of Moher.

Filming will take place between September 5 and October 14, 2022.

Michael Damian on Twitter is a fantastic resource for updates on the upcoming movie and has been providing regular updates on filming.

irish desire first look

Screenshot from the Netflix movie Irish Wish

What is the Netflix release date? irish wish?

Early tweets from people involved with the project suggested that Irish Wish would be released on Netflix in 2023, though it was notably absent (and remains absent) from Netflix’s movie release schedule for the year.

In March 2023, producer Michael Damian posted in a story that irish wish now i was looking at a release date of 2024.

irish wish 2024 release date netflix

Irish Wish 2024 Release Date Confirmed

In an interview with FLIP YOUR WIG (h/t Lindsay Lohan fan updates), Alex Vlahos stated that the film will be released on St. Patrick’s Day 2024. That would mean irish wish would premiere on Netflix on March 17, 2024, which is a Sunday. Netflix releases movies on Sundays is rare, but releasing on theme days is not. Strange thingsfor example, it notably premiered its third season on July 4.

Will there be a third Lindsay Lohan movie on Netflix?

All signs point to it, though the information surrounding the movie isn’t fully fleshed out, especially given the news that Lindsay Lohan is expecting her first child.

A few months ago we posted about a project that is listed on multiple production sites for a project called happy ex mas. The project logline was as follows:

“Avery and Logan haven’t spoken in the 10 years since they broke up. As Christmas approaches, they discover that their new partners are brothers, and both have been invited to stay with the family for the holidays. Avery proposes that they keep their past a secret to avoid awkward confrontations, but hiding the truth turns out to be harder than it seems, and spending time together rekindles old sparks.

After our initial report, Netflix clarified that while a project is in development, it won’t have a Christmas theme and is known internally as the «Untitled Lindsay Lohan Romcom» at this time.

Filming for the third film was expected to occur in April 2023 in Atlanta. However, ETOnline now reports«Production of Lindsay Lohan’s upcoming Christmas movie for Netflix has been delayed due to her pregnancy.»

We would like to thank Lindsay Lohan Fan Updates (@lavitalohan) on Twitter, who has been great at following up on updates for irish wish.

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