Have you been offered a job and it does not meet your expectations, but do you want to leave the doors open in that company? Below we share some simple guidelines to reject a job offer without looking bad.

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According to Luis Prado, speaker on employment issues, to say «no» to a job offer without losing a future opportunity, the first thing to do is define what you are going to say to reject the job, «construct the message».

«Before communicating your decision, write down the reasons why you want to reject the offer after the interview. It is better that it be by mail, since by phone they could be confused or you can say something that confuses them,» explains the expert.

In this text, you must objectively comment on the reasons why you have decided to reject the job offer. Of course, do not say that the company does not offer what you are looking for, but that their personal conditions do not conform to the offer, since this would be disqualifying.

In that message, thank you for the opportunity and the treatment you were given.

If the reason for rejecting the offer is that you have a better offer, you can write: «I have been confirmed by a company that I had applied to for several months and was waiting for a response.»

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If it is because of the salary they offer you, you can say: «My family economic situation requires a job that brings more income»

But if the functions that it would correspond to perform are not in accordance with your expectations. he can explain: «I feel identified with the company, even though the position does not fit my career line. However, If a position similar to my current position opens up later, I’d love to be considered.»

‘Natural and grateful sea’

Experts consulted by the newspaper El Comercio make other recommendations to say «no» to the job offer and stay on good terms with the company that is giving you the job. These are:

Communiqué from humility and honesty. The company would appreciate it if you communicate the reasons honestly and without arrogance.

Naturalness. Don’t go for complicated phrases or a style that is too fancy and formal. Speak naturally and normally.

Form. The more direct the way of communicating it, the greater interest and respect will be shown by the company.

Thank you for the treatment and the time spent.

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For other experts on employment issues consulted by the newspaper La Vanguardia, when refusing a job you should not give the impression that you are apologizing. Simply, you should be grateful for the opportunity and explain why you declined the offer. «This attitude is highly valued and can leave the door open for them to take you into account for other future selection processes. However, it is not necessary to go too far so that it does not appear that you are apologizing,» they specify.

As for the means through which employment should be refused, these experts recommend that the same means through which the conversations began be used. It can be in person, by phone or by email.

Fernando Umana Mejia

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