Inflation has had an impact on the economic capacity of people and consequently has limited the possibility of becoming independent. According to him National Administrative Department of Statistics (Dane), Annual inflation for April 2023 was 12.82%, that is, 3.59 percentage points more than that reported in the same period of the previous year, which was 9.23%.

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Solve your Debt She is a credit repairer ‘fintech’ that advises the population that it wants, but cannot continue paying its obligations. The firm shared a series of key points so that people achieve the objective of becoming independent in the midst of a high inflation scenario.

If you want to live alone, take note of the steps you must follow to be independent:

1. Conduct a survey of existing debts and develop a strategic payment plan. You should make a list of all your debts, small and large. That way, you’ll know what to prioritize.

It is suggested that «start by paying the lowest amount to settle faster, and then that money is used to pay the largest and so on until all are finished”, affirm the experts of the global firm.

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2. Establish a fixed and realistic budget. To live alone, you must make a list of monthly expenses, that is, your essential expenses such as the market, transportation, services, rent (if you pay it). It also includes the necessary ones, that is, that you do not need to survive. All of this can be affected by inflation.

Within budget»Be sure to reserve additional money for possible unexpected increases and thus adjust your expenses according to your income and the increase that is occurring, this is how you can maintain a solid financial balance«Said the repairman.

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3. Set aside a percentage of your monthly income to create an emergency fund

By living alone, you must allocate a part of your salary to savings. In case of any eventuality, it will be able to cover basic expenses such as rent, public services, food.

Solve your Debt concludes that: “Having savings at home makes it easier to assume and fulfill any dream you have proposed, it will also help you buy something that you really need or lack at home without affecting your monthly budget”.

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