The Superintendency of Family allowance announced that by 2023 it will allocate one trillion two hundred billion pesos to beneficiary with housing subsidies to some 34,000 families that will receive incomes of less than four legal minimum wages.

(This is how the monetary quota for family allowances remained in 2023).

Workers affiliated to the companies can access this benefit. Family Compensation Fundswho would receive up to 34 million pesos, as long as they met the requirements of the program, informed the Superintendent of the Family Subsidy, Luis Guillermo Pérez Casas.

How to access the housing subsidy

The Family Housing Subsidy is a contribution that is granted only once to the beneficiary, without having to be repaid. It constitutes a complement to your savings to facilitate the acquisition or construction of a social interest housing solution or its improvement.

(These are the changes that the Mi Casa Ya subsidy program will have).

Families who wish to apply for the Family Housing Subsidy they must request the form from the family compensation fund, fill it out and attach the following documentation:

-Sworn statement from household members stating that they meet the conditions to be beneficiaries of the subsidy.

– Proof of the entity where the previous savings were made, in which the amount and immobilization of the savings appeared.

– Civil marriage registry or proof of the de facto marital union, if applicable. – Civil birth registration of the other members that make up the household.

(Housing subsidies: what will happen to them in the Petro government?).

– Document proving the status of female head of household (when applicable).

– Medical certificate proving the physical or mental disability (when applicable).

– That their total family income does not exceed the equivalent of four (4) current legal monthly minimum wages.


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