Since 2009, the submersible exploration company OceanGate opened up the possibility of increasing access to the ocean depths through innovation with manned submersibles and launch pads.

The firm has four expeditions in the world, in different places, such as Portugal, Bahamas and the best known is in Canada to discover the remains of the Titanic through its submarine ‘Titan’, which can submerge to 4,000 meters in 90 minutes and It’s been four years in the making.

To achieve a place in the expedition missions, You must fill out a form on the website. Then the OceanGate Expeditions team met and a training and payment agreement for the mission support fee was signed, which in the case of the Titanic is $250,000, that is, more than 1,036 million Colombian pesos.

That value includes preparation, expedition equipment, lodging and meals on the dive support ship and in Canada, where the mission begins.

However, to participate in the expedition You must be at least 18 years of age when you start your mission, and have a valid passport and permission to enter Canada. OceanGate says that 17-year-olds can tag along as non-divers.

The expedition also requires that participants be able to demonstrate basic strength, balance and flexibility, be comfortable in dynamic environments, be able to board small boats in rough seas and be able to live on a ship for a week.

During the expedition, the participants will not only be travelers, but also perform sonar operation, photography and videography roles, dive image review, sonar analysis and dive planning.

This is how they have managed to have images of the Titanic in 8K.

The adventure of exploring the depths

OceanGate Expeditions, born in Everett, Washington, was founded in 2009 by aerospace engineer Stockton Rush.

The intention is the development of marine technology to advance science, history and archaeology.

OceanGate therefore has expeditions to shipwrecks, hydrothermal vents, and deep-sea canyons.

Then there’s the OceanGate Foundation, a research-focused nonprofit organization.

This undated image courtesy of OceanGate Expeditions shows their launch of the Titan submersible from a platform.

Among the other adventures offered by the company is the expedition to Flower Garden Banks, in the Gulf of Mexico, or visit the wreck of the Andrea Doria, an ocean liner that sank near Nantucket, in Massachusetts (United States), after a strong collision with a Swedish passenger ship that left New York.

OceanGate launched successful expeditions to the wreckage of the Titanic in 2021 and 2022, but on Monday, the United States Coast Guard launched a search and rescue operation for a company vessel with which contact was lost during a private tour of the Titanic. Titanic.

The outcome of the adventure was fatal, the five passengers, including Rush, died. The CEO was accompanied by: Shahzada Dawood and her son Suleman Dawood, Hamish Harding and Paul-Henri Nargeolet exploring the depths of the North Atlantic Ocean in the Titan submersible.

The company, which has made more than 200 dives with its three boats, is now in suspense about the continuity of its excursions.

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