Heartland – Image: CBC Gem

Heartland will soon be leaving Netflix in the show’s home country along with a host of other great local network shows. This is what you need to know about Heartlands being removed and if it affects you.

As a quick update, Heartlands is a Canadian television drama series that first debuted in 2007 and has since released 16 seasons and 249 episodes.

The show follows the life of a family that runs a horse ranch in Alberta, Canada. The main character, Amy Fleming, is a talented horse trainer who must deal with the challenges of life on the ranch and the ups and downs of her family’s personal relationships.

The show in Canada will now reside exclusively on CBC Gem, which has already been streaming the title alongside Netflix for several years.

The news of its removal from Netflix Canada comes along with a host of other CBC shows coming out as the network breaks ties with Netflix in favor of providing its own streaming service.

Other CBC shows leaving Netflix Canada in March 2023 include Kim’s Convenience, Schitt’s Cove, Murdoch Mysteries, Moonlight, When the heart calls and The Great Canadian Baking Show.

by communication to The CBC Star«CBC chose not to renew Netflix Canada’s license for those titles in order to give its own streaming service CBC Gem a programming advantage.»

A notice can now be found on Heartland’s Canada page with a «Last day to watch on Netflix» notice showing for February 28, 2023. Its actual removal is March 1.

heartland removal date netflix canada

Removal date shown in Heartland on Netflix Canada

Willpower Heartlands Leave Netflix out of Canada?

Other regions are not willing to lose Heartlands in March 2023 and is expected to continue receiving new seasons. Even if new seasons are not licensed, the series will remain on Netflix in most regions until at least 2025.

That being said, those outside of the United States notably lost much of the back catalog from previous Heartland seasons in January 2022. Season 15 is streaming in most regions, with the US likely to receive it in the spring of 2023.

We’ll keep you posted on all Netflix removals via our Coming Out section soon.