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Catherine Tate made her big Netflix debut in early 2022 with a new sketch comedy series that saw Tate play multiple roles set in a British prison similar to her BBC series that put her on the map, The Catherine Tate Show. How well has the series done? Will we see a second season on Netflix? Unfortunately the answer seems to be wrong and no.

Arrival on April 12, 2022, hard cell is a mockumentary series developed by Leopard Pictures and Catherine Tate, who plays the roles of Laura, Ros, Ange, Big Viv, Marco and Anne Marie.

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The show’s format should be familiar to any Tate fan, with the comedienne best known for her BBC series, The Catherine Tate Show. Others are more likely to be familiar with Tate in seasons 8 and 9 of The office or as one of the many companions in doctor who.

hard cell Season 2 Netflix Renewal Status

Official renewal status: Canceled in July 2023
Our renewal prediction: Probable cancellation.

Months after its initial, there was no official decision on the future of hard cellthough that’s the case for most 2022 debut comedy series.

However, in July 2023, Catherine Tate was interviewed on the BBC and revealed that the show had been cancelled, but the people who worked at Netflix I did not have the courtesy tell.

Tate told the Breakfast Show: «They had a staff change and as happens when someone who has commissioned the show and then leaves often wants to start over», adding: «It would have been nice if they had told me.»

The show didn’t quite hit the mark with the critics, with a score of 20% on RottenTomatoes (although the audience score is 89%). On IMDb, the show has a 6.3/10, though that’s based on less than 2000 reviews.

big viv marco annie marie hard cell netflix

Hard Cell Characters – Picture: Netflix

We guessed that the show was quietly canceled behind the scenes (or ghost cancelled), which means it’s highly unlikely we’ll hear publicly about the show’s future.

While the top 10 global data for hard cell wasn’t particularly promising, how did the show perform in the UK?

According to FlixPatrol, the series scored 28 top 10 spots and appeared in the top 10 UK television for a total of 7 days.

That’s not particularly strong, and when compared to other British comedies, the picture looks even bleaker.

  • man vs beeRowan Atkinson’s comedy miniseries, appeared in the top 10 of 87 countries and in the UK for 17 days, racking up 102 points.
  • Sex education it scored 318 points in Netflix’s UK TV Top 10 over 47 days.

We also have exclusive data from British companies i digital which uses dashboards to measure completion rates of shows (how many people made it to the end of Hard Cell on Netflix), and the completion rate is not good. According to their UK panel (who should be familiar with Catherine Tate’s work as opposed to European panels), only a «paltry» 31% of people made it to the end.

Based on previous observations, programs that do not achieve a 50% completion rate are not likely to be renewed.

netflix completion rates for 2021 shows

Completion data for Netflix shows in 2022

would you have liked to have seen hard cell return for a second season on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below.