This Saturday, if all goes well, Spain will witness a historic moment. After more than a decade of work, in just a few hours we will see the Miura 1 take off: the first rocket designed and manufactured in Spain and one of the first European vehicles of this type designed to be reusable. The launch attempt for this mission will take place between 1 am and 10 am this Saturday, June 17, from the El Arenisillo space base (Huelva) and It can be followed live from all digital platforms.

As the promoters of this project enthusiastically explain, from the company Space PLDthe Miura 1 flight will mean a turning point for the Spanish aerospace industry. Especially since it will be the first time in history that Spain will have a own vehicle to travel to space. Right now there are only nine countries with direct access to space. After the launch of this mission, Spain became the tenth state capable of traveling up to the stratosphere.

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The first Spanish rocket measures about 12 meters high and has been designed to take off, rise to more than 150 kilometers of altitude and then land on the surface of the sea safe and sound. On this tour, which lasts about 12 minutes, the vehicle will be able to transport up to 100 kilograms of materials into space to conduct scientific experiments in microgravity conditions. In this first technical flight, Miura 1 will not carry any experiments on board since, as explained by the company, the objective of tomorrow’s mission is to test the technical capabilities of the rocket.

Whatever the result of this flight, the creators of this project affirm that the first steps of Miura 1 were developed in a great learning to continue perfecting future generations of Spanish rockets. If all goes well, in fact, in 2025 Spain I could have a new generation rocket successor to the current Miura.