Europe has just given the green light to the hipra vaccine: the first injection against covid-19 Designed, tested and produced in Spain. After several years of clinical studies by the pharmaceutical company and months of exhaustive analysis by the health authorities, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has announced the final approval of the Spanish formula. The injection will be sold throughout Europe as booster dose against coronavirus that three years ago triggered the global health crisis of covid-19 and that, today, continues to cause infections throughout the world. Its use is recommended for everyone over the age of 16 who has previously been vaccinated with Pfizer or Moderna.

The decision, issued this Thursday by the committee for medicines for human use of the European authority, arrives several months late compared to official forecasts but, finally, it arrives. After the verdict of the health authorities, the Hipra vaccine becomes the eighth immunization against covid-19 available in Europe. The European Commission fulfilled the purchase of up to 250 million doses of this Spanish drug against the coronavirus. At times, according to the company, there are at least thirteen states interested in having these injections. Spain, for its part, Spain has insured at least 3.2 million doses of the immunization produced by the pharmaceutical company based in Amer (Girona).

Less than 10 euros per dose

Hipra’s injection will go on the market under the name ‘Bimervax’ and, unlike its predecessors, It is presented as a «new generation vaccine» que «responds to the current needs of the pandemic», explains Elia Torroella, the company’s executive vice president and director of R&D and records. This is because the Spanish vaccine uses a different technology compared to Pfizer or Moderna injections to stimulate the immune system against the coronavirus responsible for covid-19. In the process of clinical trials, Hipra’s vaccine has shown high effectiveness rates versus all variants detected to date. Its use as a booster dose in people who have previously been vaccinated with other formulas generates «a strong and long-lasting immune response«.

After the definitive approval of Europe, the Spanish vaccine could be marketed «in a matter of days» in all the countries of the European Union that they have used in their purchase and that they claim their respective vials. As announced by the pharmaceutical company this Thursday, the dosis of the Hipra vaccine will cost between 7 and 9.75 euros per unit (a figure much lower than the 15 euros that each Pfizer puncture costs and the more than 20 that Moderna’s are worth). Spain will be one of the countries that will receive the doses at the lowest price for the investment (and involvement) of the Government in the development of this project. For now, the Hipra vaccine will only be sold in Europe although, as the Girona pharmaceutical company has highlighted, there are already several countries in Latin America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia interested in the vaccine.

scientific milestone

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The approval of Hipra’s vaccine against covid-19 is a milestone for Spanish science. «It is a source of pride to know that we are one of the seven countries capable of developing a vaccine against covid-19. Getting an immunization in three years still a record time«, highlighted Diana Morant, Minister of Science, in an interview with EL PERIÓDICO. «Beyond this vaccine against covid-19, we are now a more resilient country and better preparing for health crises that could arise in the future,» added the minister, who this Thursday has once again reiterated the importance of this «scientific milestone for Spain».

Along the same lines, the President of the Government, pedro sanchezwho has highlighted that we are facing «a day to remember in the history of health and science of our country«. The newly appointed Minister of Health, Jose MiñonesIt has also highlighted that we are facing an «unprecedented scientific and health milestone» and that, moreover, it will allow «continue fighting the covid-19 pandemic around the world».