to look for a job It can be a tiring and long task. With the emergence of platforms to send applications without leaving home, the process has been simplified, however, finding a job is still a job in itself.

With the objective that more Colombians can access formal job opportunities, the Employment Service Unit attached to the Ministry of Labor. Currently, it has 168,032 current vacancies.

The Unit is also in charge of authorizing the providers of labor intermediation services, which are of a public nature, such as the employment agencies of the Family Compensation Funds, mayors’ offices, governorships and SENA.

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Step by step to apply for a job from the Public Service Unit

In you can search your profile, apply filters and see the map with the offers that exist in the country.


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1. The Employability Route begins with the registration of the CV on the platform.

2. To register your resume with the Public Employment Service, you must access the following link, and enter the «register» option.

3. There the page will ask you to register your email and then confirm it in the next field.

4. Subsequently, it will ask you for your basic information to confirm the registration and finally you will be able to fill out your resume.

5. Once your resume is registered, you have two options to apply to different job offers:

– Enter the portal of your resume through the following link: , enter your identity document number and password, go to the option «My job opportunities» – «check vacancies» and there you will see different job offers to which which may apply taking into account your profile.

– Go to the page of the single employment exchange: , use the established filters so that you can review the job offers that fit your profile and if you meet all the requirements you can apply.

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6. You must register or join one of the Employment Centers authorized by the Public Employment Service Unit.

7. You will be able to follow up on the job offers in which you have applied yourself or the employment agency has appliedas follows:
You must enter your resume on the Public Employment Service platform: , with your identity document number and password

It goes to the option «My job opportunities» – «My processes» – «Search».
There you will be able to know the status, progress or condition of the application of the different vacancies to which you are applying.
Keep in mind that all procedures are free.

The most searched profiles

In case you are looking for a job or training for work, we highly recommend the occupations that are most in demand, taking into account Dataempleo’s measurement from April to June 2022:

– Sellers
– Employees dealing directly with the public
– Science and engineering professionals
– Accounting assistants and those in charge of registering materials
-Technicians and mid-level professionals in science and engineering
– Business and management professionals
– Professionals in law, social and cultural sciences
– Technicians and middle level professionals in finance and administration
– Information and communication technology professionals
– Healthcare professionals

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