Doctor Gabriel Cubillos Laser Lipolysys

The founder and scientific director of the Clínica Obesidad y Envejecimiento (Obesity and Aging Clinic in English) is Dr. Gabriel Cubillos, an outstanding physician and surgeon graduated from the Universidad Industrial de Santander. Thanks to his creativity in the development of innovative procedures with laser technology, he has become a reference in Latin America. In addition, he has participated in numerous congresses and seminars, where he has prepared other colleagues for the use of SOFT LASER equipment.

For more than 25 years, Dr. Gabriel Cubillos and his interdisciplinary group have been dedicated to the research and discovery of treatments to combat obesity and overweight. His work is particularly noteworthy, as his efforts have contributed significantly to improving the health of thousands of people around the world.

Contributions and experience of Dr. Gabriel Cubillos

Dr. Cubillos has been invited by several international channels to present the innovative MEGA LASER LIPOLYSIS. Thanks to this technology, thousands of patients have improved their silhouette, at the same time they have recovered their health, strengthened their physical condition and raised their quality of life.

The effort and dedication of the prestigious professional and his team of doctors and surgeons have been reflected in clinics throughout the country.

Renowned personalities, including entrepreneurs, models and businessmen, have entrusted their health to Dr. Gabriel Cubillos and his interdisciplinary team, and have experienced a change in their lives thanks to his medical knowledge.

This represents a great contribution to society, which every day is more exposed to the problems of obesity and overweight, so it seeks solutions to improve their health.

Trajectory of Dr. Gabriel Cubillos – Obesity Treatment Expert

During most of his medical career, Dr. Cubillos has dedicated his efforts to the research and discovery of effective treatments that can contribute to improve the quality of life of people affected by obesity and overweight difficulties, diseases that are becoming more and more common around the world nowadays.

Dr. Cubillos and his team of engineers have developed a new technology called LIPOLASER LPL 9002, designed to be applied in the functional procedure of Mega Laser Lipolysis. This technology is especially useful for dissolving large amounts of body fat.

This innovative technology has proven to be of great help for people suffering from severe obesity and overweight, and will undoubtedly contribute positively to the quality of life of patients.

Get to know the Mega Laser Lipolysis offered by Clínica Obesidad y Envejecimiento

The Colombian doctor, Gabriel Cubillos, is well known for his Mega Laser Lipolysis, which is not only a solution to lose weight with laser lipolysis treatment, but it is the most effective solution to lose large amounts of fat in any part of the body.