University of Colorado football coach Deion Sanders will undergo surgery Friday due to two blood clots in his legs, a procedure that «Coach Prime» says is aimed at helping blood flow to his toes.

The news was first reported on «The Pat McAfee Show» Thursday when former NFL star Adam «Pacman» Jones revealed the surgery.

Jackson State head coach Deion Sanders surveys his players during warmups prior to the Southwestern Athletic Conference championship game against Southern University on December 3, 2022, in Jackson, Mississippi. (AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis)

«He’s been dealing with this ever since. jackson state«He had a blood clot in his leg, same thing with his foot,» Jones said Thursday. He was thinking of cutting off her foot and he didn’t. [He] He went through an incredible operation. Bro, I was there, it was amazing, heartbreaking to see him go through that and come back to where he was. I just want him to be a healthy man.»


Sanders then took to Instagram to provide more details about the surgery, saying that Friday’s procedure is aimed at helping him with toe problems.

«I went to the doctor the other day to get checked out and I have two clots in my leg,» Sanders said in a social media post. «One on my right leg, one on my left leg, which is my thighs. So now, I’m having a procedure tomorrow to try to get those clots out, so now you can have proper blood flow through your leg so they can fix your toes.

«That’s what’s going on. That’s it. You heard it from me. That’s what’s going on. I appreciate you. I appreciate your gestures. I appreciate your prayers.»

Deion Sanders at the spring game

University of Colorado football head coach Deion Sanders secures his headphones under his cowboy hat during the spring game as part of Black and Gold Day on April 22, 2023. (Michael Ciaglo for The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Sanders had foot problems while at Jackson State that forced him to ride his scooter on the sidelines at points during his tenure. Two toes on his left foot were amputated due to blood clots.


Last week, Sanders revealed that his problems have not gone away.

A clip from «The Pregame,» documenting the Colorado football season, showed Sanders meeting with orthopedic surgeon Dr. Kenneth Hunt and vascular surgeons Dr. Donald Jacobs and Dr. Max Wohlauder from the University of Colorado.

«I don’t feel anything on the bottom of my foot,» Sanders said. «I just want to know what we can do because I want to do it this summer. When we get going, I won’t have time to do it.»

Jacobs told Sanders in the video that he could lose his foot with more procedures.


Deion Sanders at a press conference

Deion Sanders speaks after being introduced as Colorado’s new head football coach during a press conference on December 4, 2022 in Boulder, Colorado. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

«I could lose my footing,» he said. «It’s a risk».

On Thursday, Sanders said amputation was «not talked about» but that his doctor told him it was an option if «the worst gets worse.»

Sanders prepares for his first year as head coach of the colorado buffalo after spending three seasons at Jackson State.

Ryan Gaydos and Ryan Canfield of Fox News contributed to this report.