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The cast of the upcoming Netflix series ‘Sandman Universe’, Dead Child Detectives, it’s coming together very well. Let’s take a look at who the cast members are and review the characters they play.

Dead Child Detectives It’s shaping up to be a fascinating project on Netflix. Located within the same continuity as The Sandman, the show follows the deceased duo Charles Rowland (Jayden Revri) and Edwin Payne (George Rexstew). They refuse to enter the afterlife and remain on Earth to solve numerous baffling paranormal cases.

As we get closer to the show’s premiere, here’s our complete list of all the cast members in Dead Child Detectives and who they are playing.

Dead Boy Detectives Main Cast Members

Jayden Revri as Charles Rowland

George Rexstew as Edwin Payne

Dead Boys Detectives (Netflix)Dead Boys Detectives (Netflix)

Image: Netflix

Our titular stars, Jayden Revri and George Rexstew, are the second duo to play Charles Rowland and Edwin Paine in live-action. Of course, the characters were previously played by Sebastian Croft and Ty Tennant in Doom Patrol.

The characters have their origin in The Sandman #25 By Neil Gaiman. In his origin story, Charles Rowland remains alone at school during the holidays. At that moment, he notices that all the beings that used to inhabit the school return as ghosts, including Edwin Paine. Despite being born decades apart, the two become good friends, and when they are offered a passage to the afterlife, they decide to remain in the mortal world as the Dead Boy Detectives to solve all kinds of paranormal cases.

Jayden Revri is best known for playing Devin in the canceled Netflix Destiny: The Winx Saga. Meanwhile, Dead Child Detectives It is George Rexstew’s first major role.

Kassius Nelson as Crystal Palace

Dead Boys Detectives (Netflix)Dead Boys Detectives (Netflix)

Kassius Nelson as Crystal Palace is the image of the far right

Crystal Palace is a clairvoyant who becomes Charles and Edwin’s accomplice after they save her from possession. They work together to solve various mysteries. She will play a key role in the series.

Kassius Nelson is an accomplished actress, especially for her roles in both Last night in Soho and A series of unfortunate events.

Yuyu Kitamura as Niko

Yuyu KitamuraYuyu Kitamura

Image: Getty Images

Niko is an original character from the Netflix show. She does not appear in the comics. We know that she is Crystal’s best friend and is interested in joining the group Dead Boy Detectives.

Yuyu Kiramura is an upcoming actress. To date in her career she has written, starred in and directed her own short film. Invited to (2019). After landing roles on Prime Video expatriates and now Dead Child DetectivesYour career is off to an exciting start!

Briana Cuoco as Jenny the Butcher

Briana CuocoBriana Cuoco

Image: Getty Images

Jenny the Butcher is not a character from the comics, so the show will be the first time we see her in action. From her name, she sounds quite sinister and will undoubtedly be one of the cases that the detectives will have to deal with.

Brianna Cuoco is an American actress and musician. She has experience working on DC projects, having voiced Batgirl in harley quinn.

Ruth Connell as Nightmare Nurse

Ruth Connell as Nightmare Nurse (Doom Patrol)Ruth Connell as Nurse Nightmare (Doom Patrol)

Image: Netflix

Curiously, Ruth Connell already appeared in an adaptation of Dead boy detective. She previously played Nightmare Nurse in Doom Patroland will reprise the role in the Netflix show.

A few months ago, X showrunner Steve Yockey shared his excitement about having Connell return as Nightmare Nurse:

Jenn Lyon as Esther

jenn lyon today main 181015jenn lyon today main 181015

Photo by John Sciulli/Getty Images for Turner

Another character not in the comics, Esther, was described as «a witch with a ’80s Stevie Nicks vibe» in her character description, according to The illuminators. She is a key antagonist of the series and plays a regular role.

Actress Jenn Lyon is an American actress known for The neighbor at the window (2020) and her recurring role as Jennifer Husser on Claws.

David Iacono as David the demon

david iacono grand army pop culturalist 1280x720 1david iacono grand army pop culturalist 1280x720 1

David Iacono plays David; a demon that continually torments Edwin, Charles and Crystal. Crystal is possessed by David until the detective boys finally save her from him.

David is known for his role in T.the good doctor as well as Stewardess and The summer I became pretty. Incidentally, Iacono previously worked alongside showrunner Steve Yockey on Stewardess.

Recurring cast members in Dead Child Detectives

Additionally, the show has confirmed many other cast members in addition to the main cast. Let’s take a tour:

  • Luke Gage (The white lotus, euphoria) as Thomas The Cat King: during the day, Thomas works at court; At night he is a Siamese cat.
  • Max Jenkins (dead to me) as Kingham and Caitlin Reilly (Cora Bora) as Lily: annoying elves who antagonize the boys.
  • Miguel Beach (Sierra X, Aquaman) as Tragic Mick: a walrus trapped in a human body.
  • josue colley (Last year) as Monty: a friendly teenager who possesses the ability to see ghosts.
  • Lindsey Gort as Maxine: an eccentric and quirky librarian from Port Townsend.

When Dead Child Detectives being released?

Netflix has not yet revealed a release date for the first season of Dead Boy Detectives, although it is expected to arrive in April 2024.