Damdyr will arrive on Netflix in November 2023

Dampir –Eagle Pictures/Sony Pictures Release

For international film fans coming to Netflix, they can look forward to the major Italian-produced fantasy horror film, Dampirscheduled to land on US Netflix specifically on November 22, 2023.

The film first hit theaters in October 2022. Unfortunately, it did not perform as expected: it debuted as the twelfth biggest film at the Italian box office in the first week, fell to 15th place in the second week and dropped out of the top 20 in the third week. , according My Movies.it.

Despite originating from Italy, there’s no need to worry about subtitles (although some of Netflix’s best content tends to be international), as the film is entirely in English.

Its arrival on Netflix marks the film’s first availability on an SVOD (streaming video on demand) service. Until now, the film has been available exclusively on VOD, where it had to be rented or purchased for a fixed price.

Damyr movie posterDamyr movie poster

Photo: Eagle Images

More regions likely to recover Dampir in addition to the United States in the coming weeks and months, given that Sony owns worldwide distribution rights outside of Italy..

This is one of the many Sony movies coming to Netflix throughout 2023 in the US. We’ve seen the SVOD releases of movies like No hard feelings, Insidious 6, Spider: Man through the Spider-verse, Machineand many other titles. This joins a selection of titles from Sony Pictures Classics and Sony Pictures Releasing such as Resident Evil: Island of Death.

Who’s behind Dampir?

The film is directed by Italian Ricardo Chemellowho made his film debut with this film, having previously worked predominantly in commercials.

Wade Briggs He leads the cast as Harlan Draka (Dampyr) with other cast members including Stuart Martin, Frida Gustavsson, Sebastian Croft, Luke Roberts and David Morrissey.

That Dampir about?

It is based on a popular comic book franchise by independent publisher Sergio Bonelli.

According to Netflix, here is the official synopsis of the film:

«During the Balkan War, a human with vampire blood harnesses his powers to confront an entity formidable enough to threaten mortals and immortals alike.»

Described as a “€15 million international co-production,” the film will become the first film adaptation of Bonelli’s planned “Cinematic Universe.”

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