Colpensiones said that in December 2022, 6,352 people were retired, bringing the total figure with this benefit to 1,570,854.

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In his balance he said that closed last year with 6.77 million affiliates, of which 40% contributed in the last month, that is, they made some payment to cover their pension contributions.

The city with the largest number of pensioners with Colpensiones is Bogotá, where 28.9% is concentrated.

Regarding the amount of allowances, figures show that at least 54% of those who receive this recognition earn a minimum wage and 24% receive two salaries.

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In the Periodic Economic Benefits (Beps) program for those who for different reasons cannot make pension contributions, or for those who, having done so, will not reach the requirement in weeks to achieve this recognition, in November closed with about 44,000 people receiving an average income of $311,000 a year.