According to information revealed by Dane, in November the Colombian export they were 4,519 million dollars, an increase of 8.8 percent in relation to the same month last year, mainly due to the growth of 21.1 percent in the sales of the Fuel group.

This group obtained 2,571 million dollars in exports, marked by coal saleswhich increased 70.9 percent and reached 1,084 million dollars.

On the contrary, those of oil fell 0.8 percent, totaling 1,411 million dollars, despite the fact that 5.8 percent more barrels were exported compared to November 2021 (14.949 million barrels of crude oil).

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As for the Manufacturing group, they were 831.4 million dollars, a 6.1 percent drop compared to the same month last year. This behavior is mainly explained by the 15.3 percent decrease in foreign sales of chemical products. What did increase (19.4 percent) during this month were the sales of machinery and transportation equipment, reaching 155 million dollars.

Foreign sales of agricultural products, food and beverages were 867.5 million dollars, a growth of 1 percent thanks to higher exports of coffee (58.1 percent). It is noteworthy that during November tobacco sales skyrocketed (4,056 percent), like those of live bovine cattle (364.7 percent), which contributed 12.4 million dollars.

Between January and November of this year, Colombian exports accumulate 52,574 million dollars, 42.7 percent more than in the same period last year. What contributed the most are the sales of the group of Fuels and products of the extractive industries, standing out again those of coal, which have grown by 134.3 percent.

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The United States continues to be the main destination for Colombian products, with a participation of 24.2 percent in the total value exported. The most sold to this country was oil (387 million dollars). They are followed by India, Panama, the Netherlands, China, Turkey and Brazil.

After the opening of the border with Venezuela, 55.9 million dollars were exported to this country during November, an increase of 45.8 percent compared to what was reported in the same month of 2021. While so far this year They go over 568 million dollars, an increase of 95.1 percent. What has been sent the most are food, beverages, tobacco, chemicals and plastics.