The Government began this Saturday the payments of the subsidies of the program Citizen Income with which a beneficiary is sought for more than 3.3 million households in conditions of poverty and extreme poverty.

To make these turns, the Government has an annual budget of 7 billion pesos and, in this first stage, more than 2 million households will receive the first resources, in a staggered manner, until May 28 through Banco Agrario.

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Citizen Income seeks to guarantee that participating families have a decent income above the poverty line. Every two months up to one million pesos will be deliveredaccording to the conformation of the household, the Sisbén group, the territorial prioritization and the fulfillment of the co-responsibilities of the program.

The program will have coverage throughout the country and special attention in the 466 prioritized municipalities, according to the hunger map. The highest amounts will be for families that are in very high priority municipalities and have at least one child under six years of age.

The departments with the largest number of beneficiary families in this payment are: Antioquia (169,817), Bolívar (156,032), Córdoba (137,555)Valle del Cauca (126,792), Atlántico (108,326), Santander (101,185) and Nariño (100,790).

For transfer delivery different modes are available: electronic transfer, credit to Banco Agrario savings accounts, extended boxesdigital wallet and through money order with different allies.

The holder will receive a text message from the bank, with the notification and the link to consult the collection point assigned to the document and if it has beak and certificate to make the payment.

Social Prosperity enabled a search engine for families to verify if they are part of the program: consult here.

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How to withdraw the subsidy through an ATM?

  1. To know the value of the payment via ATM of the Banco Agrario network, you must enter:
  2. will come to a text message con the notification of issuance of electronic draft and password to make the withdrawal.
  3. The password You have a certain period of time to withdraw the money and a maximum of three attempts to do so.
  4. At a Servibanca ATM you must select ‘Withdrawal without Card’.
  5. Enter password and spin value.
  6. Withdraw the incentive money.

How to claim the money if the payment is to a Banco Agrario account?

  1. Anita, the virtual assistant of Banco Agrario, will contact the beneficiaries via WhatsApp with the number they have registered in the database.
  2. Enter the type and identification number. The date of issue and nationality will also be requested.
  3. Check the balance of the incentive and enter the value to withdraw.
  4. Anita will generate a password to carry out the transactions.
  5. Withdraw money for window or ATMs.

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How to withdraw the money if the payment is made through a draft?

  1. The beneficiary will receive a text message with the payment notification.
  2. To check the availability of the transfer, you must enter the following link:
  3. Enter the type and identification number to see the assigned payment point.
  4. Go to the establishment indicated with the original identification document.
  5. Once the information is verified, the beneficiary will receive the incentive.

«We are doing a rigorous cross-database exercise to prevent the beneficiaries from being households that are not in a situation of need and vulnerability. This will allow us to reach and make an impact in the areas where it is most needed,” said Cielo Rusinque, director of the Department of Social Prosperity.