He Inter-union Committee of Valle del Caucathat brings together the main unions of the department, expressed his concern about the insecurity that continues to descend in his region and called on the National Government to take urgent and effective actions to resolve the situation he is experiencing good luck

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«We find ourselves in a situation where the right to life and private property are violated, the coexistence and daily life of people are being affected and the generation of employment and investment is being put at risk,» the Committee assured.

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In particular, they say they are concerned about the situation of insecurity of Buenaventura, since this problem is added to the already existing economic and social situation that this port has historically faced.

Armed men in Buenaventura

«A comprehensive intervention is essential that not only protects the life of the population, but also generates opportunities for employment and well-being, thus consolidating inclusive development in the long term,» they said.

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They also said that it is imperative that good luck have a joint command that articulates the different forces and from where the greatest use of force, intelligence and capacity is available, to operationally implement immediate actions that combat the public order situation generated by criminal gangs, which sow fear, extort and steal from the population and the productive fabric.

He also pointed out that it is essential to dismantle all the factors that give power to these groups, which they say are related to drug trafficking and territorial control.

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“Within the framework of this comprehensive intervention, we urge you to accelerate compliance with the commitments made by the State in the provision of infrastructure for public services. It is essential to work together with civil society, the Church, the private sector, foundations, unions, the Mayor’s Office and the Governor’s Office to implement a shock strategy that allows the reconstruction of the social, community and economic fabric of the port,» the statement said. .