2023 looks like a complex year for home sales in the country. The high cost of inputs and construction materials, as well as high interest rates have made prices more expensive in this market, which expects a recovery in the medium term.

(Alerts are rising for the housing market in Colombia).

However, the works do not stop and this market continues registering appreciations in some areas, which have been going on since last year.

According to figures from the Colombian Chamber of Construction (Camacol), In 2022, 246,831 new housing units were sold throughout the national territory.

Based on a data analysis of these figures, The Haus respected the areas that registered the best real estate activity in 2022. This with the aim that buyers make the right decisions in the face of such an important fact as buying a house in 2023.

For the analysis, four sources of information were taken into account: increase in the value per square meter in a defined time (valuation); speed with which the units (apartments or houses) were sold in a defined period of time (absorption); sales generated in the area during a given period and web searches.

(This is the formula you should consider when buying a home.)

The areas that stand out the most in the above variables, in the main cities,
They were Suba, the town that is probably the area where the most real estate growth has been registered in the country’s capital in recent years, becoming the second town with the largest number of homes built, according to data from the Bogotá Cadastre.

This area had 15.06% appreciation in the Metropolitan Region, a speed of sale of units (absorption) of 1.34/5 and 17% of the total sales made in the city.

(Despite lower appetite for home buying, prices continue to rise.)

For its part, Fontibón has been one of the most favored localities due to the urban renewal plans carried out by the District Planning Secretariat.

Several of the most industrialized sectors, such as Montevideo, have given way to new residential areas, which allowed a valuation index of 13.08% for this town in Bogotá, an absorption score of 1.40/5 and 23% of the total city sales.

As for the largest homes by town, Chapinero stands out as taking first place on this list, since there the houses measure 149 m² on average, 53% more than the average house in Bogotá, according to figures from Properati.

Usaquén, to the north of the city, follows as one of the towns that offer the largest houses with an average area of ​​143 m². The top is completed by Engativá (129 m²), Suba (117 m²) and Puente Aranda (116 m²).

The price does not match the size

According to Properati, a difference in the ranking of apartment prices in which Chapinero is the most expensive location, in the ranking of houses the most expensive location is Usaquén, with an average value of $10,800,000 per m². For his part, Chapinero ranks second with an average price of $6,060,000 per square meter.

The top five are closed by Teusaquillo, Barrios Unidos and Suba, with an average price per square meter ranging between $4,340,000 and $4,800,000.