Many medicines throughout history have had to be withdrawn due to the need they have created in the population. This is already being studied

Throughout history, many medications have had to be recalls for causing addiction in the patients. In most cases they are anxiolytics, due to the feeling of calm that it generates.

In this case surprise it’s the nasal spray, used in times of cold to breathe better, which also generate addiction. The feeling of discomfort, and immediate recovery, in a stage of nasal congestion is so pleasant that many people start using it as a precaution even if they do not have any type of respiratory complication.

many patients they get used to breathing with that help, and they have just created a dependency on that medicine. In addition, it becomes a cycle that is more difficult to get out of because the body – having that option – stops working normally and really needs that support.

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These medications often contain pseudoephedrine, oxymetazoline, or phenylephrine. The first of them It is already being investigated for its possible adverse effects. «The EMA safety committee (PRAC) has initiated a review of medicines containing pseudoephedrine,» reports the European Medicines Agency.

According to the latest research, consuming drugs containing pseudoephedrine may be related to ischemic events. cardiovascular and cerebrovascular.