Some of the biggest figures in college athletics have expressed that NIL needs fixing.

An SEC contingent that included Alabama head coach Nick Saban, LSU’s Brian Kelly and conference commissioner Greg Sankey even traveled to Washington, D.C., to advocate for federal assistance in regulating how college athletes can win. money with his fame.

Finally allowed in 2021, it has changed the landscape of college sports, and one football coach has an estimate of the role he plays in recruiting.


Arizona State football head coach Kenny Dillingham speaks to the media at the Carson Student Athletic Center in Tempe on February 2, 2023. Other Asu Fb Coach (Rob Schumacher/The Republic/USA TODAY NETWORK)

«NIL is 80% recruiting. 75% recruiting,» Arizona State head coach Kenny Dillingham said earlier this week. «So to think it isn’t is naive.»

However, Dillington wants the money given to his players to come from the local community.

«I hope that the players who choose to come here are paid the maximum amount of money that can ever be paid, more than anyone in the country. That’s what I hope. I hope to do a good job that people, that business go to pay our players more than anyone in the country, because we have a Valley behind us. And if you do not believe that your only business can make a difference, you are wrong. It is not true. Your only business supporting a player, contact a player on Twitter saying «we’ll pay you a blank amount of money a month to do this» – it’s critical. It’s huge. You don’t get it, because there are so many businesses…

«NIL is essential, but I want to reward our guys who are here. I want people to get NIL who wanted to be here, not bring a child here illegally… to lure them with NIL. I want the Valley to support people who choose to be here…

Kenny Dillingham at the spring game

ASU head coach Kenny Dillingham instructs the Maroon and Gold squads during the Spring Game at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe on April 15, 2023. (Patrick Breen/The Republic/USA TODAY NETWORK)


«That’s how I want NIL. I want the city to wrap this team up and use this team… That’s what it’s for.»

Kelly said college sports are «in jeopardy» «if this doesn’t get fixed.»

Saban argued that the disparity in compensation in the collegiate ranks risked getting worse in the future because of the current model that exists in the sport.

Kenny Dilingham in practice

ASU head coach Kenny Dillingham speaks with wide receiver Giovanni Sanders (20) during a spring practice at Kajikawa Practice Fields in Tempe on March 14, 2023. (Patrick Breen/The Republic/USA TODAY NETWORK)


Dillingham is entering his first season as head coach at ASU, his first head coaching job, after serving as offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at Memphis, Auburn, Florida State and Oregon since 2018. He is the head coach youngest in the FBS at just the age of 33